Turkey: Day Twelve

It's Ramadan in Turkey now, the month of the year where Muslims worldwide fast during daylight hours, feast together when the sun goes down, and offer more prayers than at other times of the year. So at 2am a traditional Ramadan drummer has been walking the streets of Kadiköy, waking people so they can eat something before the sun comes up. It's really loud and of course wakes everyone around, not just those participating in Ramadan, but it's pretty cool! I left my zoom recorder out on the windowsill last night so I could capture the sound of the single drummer playing what I believe is a tapan (or davul) drum. I will try and stay up tonight (or get up quicker!) to snap a photo, but in the meantime here's a shot I took at the end of the street in Kadiköy yesterday, of the Bosphorus between apartment buildings.

This track also has metal chain loops from the İstanbul Modern that I recorded yesterday, pitched down in varying degrees throughout.


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