Momentum thesis

My PhD thesis Momentum: Experiential Development in Music Composition is now available to read online and to download at

View the abstract and full text here

Momentum in New Zealand!

From December 4 - 18 Momentum will be exhibited at The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand.

From the gallery website: "The Auricle has a monthly exhibition and regular performance programme featuring local, national and international sonic artists in its octophonic gallery. We hold sonic arts workshops and artist seminars and welcome all sonic arts practitioners across the full spectrum of sound, from industrial noise to new music, free jazz and contemporary sound art."

CD Release: Momentum Live

The final stage of Momentum - recordings from my Melbourne Fringe Festival performances in 2013 - is now available for physical purchase and digital download via bandcamp. This release is the culmination of four days of field recording and four nights of live sound sculpture at Conduit Arts Space, Melbourne.

Listen and purchase here.

Momentum featured on Noah Scalin's 'Make Something 365' blog

Author, artist and blogger Noah Scalin invites people who are doing long term projects like Momentum to write to him and be included on his make something 365 blog. Noah started out making a skull a day, and has since penned two books on discipline and creativity (details on the blog).

Noah's entry on Momentum is here

Momentum: Collective
The next stage of Momentum is called collective, and is an open, online field recording and sound art collective group of soundcloud. In the past, people have generously donated recordings and samples for me to manipulate as part of Momentum. Now I would like to invite others to make tracks as well. I will still take contributions to the project, and these will be available to download and respond to, whether it be with a musical track, story or visual or other art form.

More details here

Box sets are here!

A 4 cd set of the first, year long version of Momentum is now available for purchase via bandcamp.

The Momentum: Turkey release is also available for purchase and digital download on the same bandcamp site.

Momentum features in Percusscene magazine

Momentum has been featured in the latest edition of 'Percusscene', inside 'Drumscene' magazine. To buy the magazine go here.

Momentum box set pre-orders now available!

The time has come to bring Momentum into the real world, in a 5 CD box set! I'm raising money here through pre-orders of the box set which includes over 4 hours of music plus information and images from the project.

Click on the link below for more information and to donate or pre-order a copy! Momentum: Turkey will be available on CD soon too, and be I'll posting details for my Momentum: live Fringe Festival shows in the next couple of weeks.

Momentum was installed at the George Paton Gallery at Melbourne University from March 6-15, 2013. As the project had existed entirely online up to this point, the exhibition was a chance for me to present this work in the 'real' world.

Just as I layered sounds over 2012 to create this cumulative work, each of the 12 movements of Momentum (one for each month) was played simultaneously in the gallery. Listeners had the option to focus on one particular movement at a time, or to move around the space and experience sounds from different parts of the project mingling with one another.

The entire work is now available as a 366 track digital download via bandcamp.

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