About the Project

This project, a year-long composition, will help to form the practical part of my Doctoral studies in experiential music composition. My aim is to create a piece of music over one year - adding a little something every day and editing as I go. Each day a new and updated version will appear on this blog, and each days work will be free to share and download. I would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in creating a response to the work (written/audio/visual...), or re-mixing any of my tracks.

The idea behind this project is one of self-reflection and exploration of cumulative compositional processes. My aim is to build, over one year, layers of sounds and musical motifs that will form an entire composition. Each day a new fragment of musical material will be added to the mix, but will hopefully not be swallowed whole. My aim is for this work to have a translucent quality: to achieve a kind of musical unity at the same time as being a clear reference to all the composite parts...

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has undertaken a similar kind of project, and would love learn about their experiences in doing so.

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