Turkey: Day One

The next stage of Momentum begins today, as I embark on 31 consecutive days of recording in around İstanbul, Turkey; I'll be recording, mixing and blogging every day for the month of July. Todays track begins with traffic and bird sounds on the streets of Kadiköy, where I'm staying, plus the rhythms of local residents clapping and banging pots and saucepans with wooden spoons, in the streets and out their kitchen windows at night. This practice of noise-making using household instruments is called cacerolazo (the spanish word for casserole - referring to the pots and utensils), and is done in solidarity with the recent protests in Taksim.

Throughout the track I remove certain frequencies from the car/street/bird sounds, resulting in a kind of low drone. The samples of clapping and pot banging are then brought in and out, and sped up and slowed down at different points, with a little delay and pitch shifting down at the very end.


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