Turkey: Day Fourteen

I'm in paradise, otherwise known as Selçuk - 2km northeast of the ancient city of Ephesus in the İzmir Province (thanks, Wikipedia). The weather is delightful and the sound of cicadas chirping is all-consuming, though I doubt I'll even notice them in a day or so. I recorded the insect orchestra and a faux waterfall by the swimming pool from a hammock - a really great place to work, highly recommended! The only problem was that the gentle swinging of the hammock was enough to contaminate my recording with a lot of wind noise. So instead of a minute-long arc of cicadas chirping louder and louder then softer and softer, as one, I made a couple of loops of bits of the recording that weren't so windy.

Also, I chopped up the sample of the clarinet busker from yesterday, and made a short loop of the final part of his final phrase, which features at the beginning and end of the track - at first pretty much as is then down an octave at the end.


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