Turkey: Day Eighteen

The tap water in İstanbul is heavily chlorinated, so pretty much everyone drinks bottled water. This has been quite an adjustment but the water from the tap really does taste pretty bad and I don't fancy drinking a couple of litres of it per day. So in the apartment where I'm staying there's an assortment of large empty plastic bottles: I had 5, 10 and 19 litre ones set aside to improvise on for todays mix, but the 19 litre one sounded far superior (much thicker plastic and deeper tone) once I started, so I just went with that one. I played the bottom of the bottle with my palm and fingers, and ran my fingernails up and down the corrugated sides of the bottle. Plus there's roosters and chickens from yesterdays track, and I isolated some low traffic sounds from that recording to make a low drone/bed for this one.


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