Turkey: Day Eight

Today I explored the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı in Kapadokya - wow! It's difficult to imagine thousands of people living underground, and so cool to wander through the complicated labrynths of caves and tunnels that comprise both cities. Apparently only certain parts of them are open to the public so I can't begin to imagine how big they both really are!

I made a recording in Derinkuyu, of footsteps (mine and others) in the tiny little narrow stairwells, and the muffled voices of other tourists moving around the caves. There are long open air shafts and deep wells throughout the city, and sounds and voices echo differently depending on where they're coming from - kind of like a slow manual panning effect. Plus there's a single loop of farm equipment from the other day, and fireworks from yesterday. Towards the end of the track I remove all but the highest frequencies from the firework loops, resulting in the tinny, grainy kind of sound at the very end.


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