Day Three Hundred and Sixty

When this project is finished it'll be really interesting to stand back and take a really good look at all the different parts of the art, the process and the collaborations that have occurred this year. This kind of perspective was what drove my desire to take on such a big, continuous project in the first place, and I'm so grateful for the support and all the contributions I've received.

Last week I did a rough count of the contributors to date, and there are more than 50! Ohio's Noah Demland has been the most generous, I think, though I'll do an official count in January.

This contribution comes from Noah via a colleague of his, samples of different animal calls (deer and beaver, to be exact). Plus Matt Wilmott's drumming from yesterday, slowed and pitched down.

The image is an (as yet un-tried) recipe for raw tahini balls that I took a pic of at a friend's place - hooray for smart phones!


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