Day Three Hundred and Sixty Six

The end! In two parts because of a last-minute twist in the early hours of this morning. I had Miranda's Buddhist coins and some thunderous tape loops from Maya-Victoria Kjellstrand all ready to go for my live to air on PBS at midnight. Then Evan Carr took me completely by surprise by offering a live collaboration: some tape of his own, of his brother Huw reciting a Dillon Thomas poem. Evan collects and repairs old reel to reel tape recorders, and played this particular recording backwards while I mixed the other sounds, live on his show The Art of Bleep. It was really exciting and special to do the final mix on the radio, and to have live input, which I hadn't had yet, and I'm really grateful to Evan for the opportunity. Part one is the mix from my laptop, without the live tape, and part two is the mix from the radio, with live tape. The full interview can be heard here.

I've had a ball this year, and I've absolutely loved the journey this project has taken me on. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed, listened and encouraged me, and all the feedback I've received tells me that it was a valuable exercise - conducting this over such a long period of time and in such a public way. I've decided that I really love working in this cumulative way, and I'll be continuing Momentum in the future, but in the form of shorter, more concentrated mini versions. Each one will still form part of the continuous, larger project. And it means I'm still accepting sounds! I'm stoked that I was able to create the December tracks entirely from other peoples' contributions, and I'd love to keep working in this way, enabling the project to not only connect with but incorporate contributions from people all over the world.

I'm going to have a bit of a break now, but Momentum will be back soon. I'm working on getting all the tracks on bandcamp, downloadable as monthly albums. There will be an installation of the whole project at the George Paton Gallery from March 6-15, 2013, and I'm going to see what I can do about getting a CD (probably several!) together by that time as well.



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