Day Three Hundred and Sixty Four

Twice in the last week I've messed up the number that I'm up to here, must be almost time for a break! So not all the Soundcloud urls will match up, because Soundcloud assigns the original track title as the permanent url - a little annoying but I did well to get to the three hundreds before losing count!

Todays addition is a great flying fox sample from Penelope Bartlau. When she sent me the file I thought it was one of the ones that you swing around on, and I already recorded one of those a little while ago. But it was the animal kind! I messed with the pitch and slowed it down lots and lots, then added backwards and forwards cat bells from yesterday.

Also, I'll be doing the last mix live on radio PBS in Melbourne between 12 and 2am Monday, December 31st. It'll be on Evan Carr's The Art of Bleep show, and I'll post a link to the podcast once it's done.


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