Day Three Hundred and Fivty Five

I was in a waiting room awhile ago and a small child was adding to a colourful brick tower that another child had started. To begin with he removed a couple of existing blocks, then continued to shape the toy in his own way. When his mother called him to leave he didn't look back or seem to think twice about leaving his creation, potentially for another child to dismantle or add to. I thought that was a really nice analogy for the way parts of this project have functioned. People send me sounds that they are happy for me to edit and dismantle, then add into the every growing Momentum work. What is great is that some other people have then taken my momentum tracks and re-mixed them or used them in different ways (in a dance performance with spoken word, for example). There's a really nice fluidity and lack of ego about it.

Today, Rui Almeida's vacuum cleaner solo from yesterday, with wooden spoon and bowl from Ash Walker.


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