Three Hundred and Thirty

For better or worse, and in the spirit of pushing myself to try new things, here are my first attempts at a guitar track... I'm approaching it fairly tentatively for the moment, playing single notes and affecting them each a little differently until I figure out what I like. I made about 8 short loops each with one note or sound, and added varying amounts of delay, distortion, pitch shifting and panning. I also manually shifted a few of the notes with a wammy bar and a borrowed slide - lots of work to do in the technique department :) Plus gamelan gong from yesterday.


  1. I think it's really wonderful that you are pushing yourself and that this project has made you try so many new things this year... can not wait to hear/see the end result!
    I also just saw the DropBox... shall i send you a sound... do you want more sounds... need more sounds... anything in particular?
    X X X X X


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