Day Two Hundred and Seventy Seven

Today I tried something that for me is completely new and different: created a digital image, and then turned that image into audio to add to this project. I've already had a data bending contribution to this project, from Cursed Hebanon on August 1, and two other tracks later that month. I think it's a really interesting way to approach sound so I wanted to experiment for myself. I made the image pretty much by accident when I was trying to edit a photo for another project, using a program I hadn't used before. Then I saved the image file (formerly a .tiff) as an audio file (.aiff) using a free program called SoundHack. Pretty cool, and definitely more experiments to come.

There's glass bell from yesterday in the mix as well. And below, the waveform created by the above image. Never seen anything like it!

I also made a separate track (listen here) that I've contributed to ABC Pool, using an image and field recording sent to me by Pry on March 1. I data bent the kookaburra image then mixed that with the recording of the birds. The spirit of Pool is that of encouraging collaboration and mixed media, so I really hope this piece will be added to by other artists in the future.


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