Day Two Hundred and Eighty Five

I messed some more with the big metal sheet today, reversing part of it and pitching the whole thing down. Plus some shaker loops from the digital track I made recently for the Fringe show Immersion. For this show I took a pre-existing recording of the 3 Shades Black ensemble, improvising film soundtracks from 2011, and remixed a digital accompaniment for a new piece. I then devised a game-like system of multiple cards with non-traditional score/suggestions for sounds and improvisations. The players perform each sound for 1 or 2 minutes, and can change the order of their cards (or swap with another player) so that each performance is different. The result has been a really vibrant, colourful ensemble, playing a live duet with a pre-recorded version of themselves. This is the most people who have ever played my music, apart from my students, so I'm pretty chuffed :)


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