Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day One Hundred and Seventy Eight

Following on from the last couple of days, I was thinking of recording/lighting my oven today. Then my friend Noah sent me two new tracks - recordings of him playing on a stove and an oven rack! Great coincidence, and a cool addition to my matchbox improvisation from yesterday. Noah's original piece, including a washing machine and sizzle ride, is here.

I met Noah at PASIC in 2011. He was introduced to me by a then very new friend, percussionist Charles Martin. Charles has just completed his Master's thesis on Mobile Computer Music for Percussionists. It's a really interesting project - I had the opportunity to play with one of his iPad apps when we performed together earlier this year. Read all about it here.

(Oh and by the way yes the track is supposed to end like that. I'm not really known for my abrupt endings but thought at this stage of the project I should try something new!).

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