Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Sixty

Today is the day that makes this a 366 day project, which is pretty exciting! Another thing that's exciting is that I went to the ABC POOL site this morning, to check out what's new, only to see a picture of my work! A piece I created last year is on their feature page today - it's called Rice Dreams and it's here.

I was also excited to get a ticket to the Australian Ballet's performance of Infinity today. What really captured my attention was the way the dancers from Bangarra Dance Theatre were able to create really compelling and diverse textures with their bodies. I'm always inspired by ideas I see in other art forms, and find that creativity really flows when comparing similar concepts across different disciplines. For me, as a sound artist, texture is really important. Though I'm a percussionist, a drummer and also play tuned instruments, texture usually presents itself as a sonic option before rhythm or pitch. It's where I find the most vibrant colours in terms of expressing myself, musically.

Speaking of which: today - more bowls and toy glock, with a little brown rice...

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