Twenty Two by Momentum Project

Twenty Two

I'm glad I finally found a use for these ankle bells; as much as I like the idea of wearable percussion instruments I end up annoying myself with all the jingling...

Recently I heard an interview with jazz pianist Tim Stevens, where he talked about his desire to "demonstrate continuity between composition and improvisation" in his trio recordings. I feel that in an ensemble situation, whether improvised, composed, or a mixture of both, listening and responding are vital to successful music-making. In the moment, whether performing or recording, musicians strive to play together intuitively.

Although this is purely a recording project, I still see it as performance, perhaps because that is what I have the most experience doing. Even if I am only playing for myself or a microphone, or mixing pre-recorded tracks, the process feels the same as if I were in front of an audience or playing with other musicians. My aim, then, in updating this composition every day, is to listen and respond to the previous recordings in a way that demonstrates the continuous nature of the entire project.


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