Friday, January 6, 2012

Six by Momentum Project

Day Six

Time for the big gong! And to de-tune the others a little...

The problem with having a studio in a space where other people also have studios, rehearse, and have gigs, is the chance that someone will be rehearsing or having a gig when you want to record... This makes getting that nice big gong sound with no background noise a little tricky. And when you feel like adding some rice, poured on to the gong, it results in waiting with baited breath, rice in one hand, the other tentatively hovering over the record button, hoping for a break in the sound check... Nevertheless, I made it, gongs and rice intact.

Incidentally, I just discovered this guy, Tatsuya Nakatani, and his Gong Orchestra. Really lovely stuff, even if you're not a big gong nerd like me. This video, an improvisation/construction by Emile Tobenfeld, is really great, too.

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