Eight by Momentum Project

Day Eight

I've been looking at some other 'everyday' art and music projects, and have been wondering about the impact of posting (or committing to post) work online. Looking at other artists who have attempted or achieved a similar body of work, the sharing/posting seems to be a way of facing up to or following through with a creative plan. I wonder if this will become integral to my process? In a way this project is quite personal, created for me but also with the intention of sharing. I'm interested to see how the act of routinely posting, and the pressure I put on myself to do so, will affect the work.
The wonderful Australian artist Lily Mae Martin, currently based in Berlin, has begun a regular sketching project called Berlin Domestic - I'm really inspired to follow her and see how the project evolves. Lily also drew this beautiful squirrel (with glockenspiel!) for a recent recording of mine.


  1. Hey Nat cat!
    Another musician I know, Ray Mann, does a once a month music video project called "sketches". He's from Sydney ( supported Tori Amos on her tour in oz in 2009) but lives here int he Berlin in the 'burb next to me, you may want to check out his work: http://www.ray-mann.com/


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